The most
common emails
I get usually
go a little
like this:
Dear Wendy,

It's 3am and here I am naked, wiping my fish tank with pimentos.  I just
can't seem to go to sleep without knowing where you are and what you're
up to.  I check your website constantly, but...  Well, you and I both know
that you suck at keeping it updated.  I mean, half the time you wait until
you get back from a trip before you post anything!  I just can't handle
that kind of suspense!  I mean, look at these pictures!  Route 66?!?  When
did you do that?  I don't see a Route 66 page on your website anywhere.  Is
there some way for me to know what you are doing at any given time?

Your Creepy Stalker
What?!?  No!  Weird, right?  
I mean, referencing pictures in an email written before the pictures were even posted?  
That's like Twilight Zone quality stuff right there.

Anyhow, that got me thinking.  
Of course I won't tell you what I'm doing at any given time.  
A girl's gotta have secrets.  

But what I can do is send you a link to my awesome Spotwalla tracking page.  
There you can check out where my travels are taking me.  
As long as I'm not on sneaky ninja travels.  
I'm not going to turn my tracking beacon on for every trip to the Post Office, after all.  
But for my cool trips & tours, and perhaps a rally or two,
my InReach will be doing it's thing while I'm doing my thing.

drop me a line & if your background check and credit score come back to my liking,
I'll send you the link to my personal Spotwalla page.  From there you will be presented with impressive
up-to-date maps of where I've been lately (but not necessarily what I've been doing).
The InReach sends out a ping every 10 minutes on tracking mode, creating a virtual trail of mayhem and
adventure.  Those 20 pings at the tattoo shop?  Just hanging out, Mom.  I swear.

Oh, and Creepy Stalker?  The InReach also has a Help feature to call my buddies for back-up
and a 911 feature to call for rescue, should the need arise.  

Just in case you were getting any funny ideas.