We saw lots and lots of wildlife, but this herd of buffalo was
probably the closest.  We saw caribou today, too, but they
cleared out before we could snap a picture.  I think they
sensed that we had eaten a Caribou Burger a couple days
before.  (Incidentally, it was VERY tasty, and I highly
recommend trying it if you get the chance.)
This big herd was
standing right next to
the road, completely
ignoring us.  Mike was
sitting right next to me,
completely ignoring
them.  (I guess you
become immune to the
cuteness of big, smelly,
hairy animals when you
grow up in South
Dakota, but not me!  I'm
married to one!)
Muncho Lake, British
Columbia.  (Photo courtesy of
The Pokey Little Puppy - That
speck off in the distance is me.)
This lake was just as still as
Boya Lake, but the water was a
deep turquoise.  It also made for
beautiful pictures, and I'm sure
sunset is truly a sight to
behold.  Maybe on the next trip..
This big fella was standing right
in the middle of the road (which
had again turned to dirt, but
nowhere near as bad as the
Dempster).  He and his kin folk
like to eat the seeds and things that
are easy pickin's on the road, and
they really don't care how many
people honk at them while they do it.
A little bit of rain, but hey -
it's no big thing.  A
thousand miles of dirt road
tends to toughen you up a
little bit.
Look!  A
Seriously.  Here's the
story:  For the second time
on our trip, we saw a black
bear cruising around next
to the road.  Another car
had also stopped to take
pictures, but we weren't fast
enough - he slipped back
into the woods before we got
the picture.  I hollered back
to Mike in my best redneck
drawl, "Hey, Baby! Ya'll
want me to run into them
woods and flush 'im out
sos you can git yer
picture?"  The guy in the
car looked simoltaneously
disturbed, repulsed, and
almost... hopeful.  I don't
think I'd laughed as hard
since we saw the giant
mutant hopping beaver by
Boya Lake.