Camping outside
Mt. Rainier, Washington
Mt. Rainier National Park,
I like these two pictures.  The
one to the right is me at a stop
sign on Mount Rainier on the
way back from our
...And this picture to the left is
me at the same intersection in
June 2004 as I returned from a
solo trip around the U.S. and
Canada.  Check out all that
snow!!  What a difference a
year and a month makes!
Fellow bikers riding
through Mt. Rainier
National Park in
We like to call this little
series, "Why throwing your
luggage off a third story
hotel balcony to someone
waiting in the parking lot
may not be as good an idea
as it first seems."
The Tilamook Cheese
Factory.  This was one of our
favorite stops.  We were like
kids in a... well,...  A Cheese
Gnomad vs. Black Bear  
(at least one of us got close
to one...)
...And then we saw
this guy riding
his water buffalo.  
(Just kidding -
this was the San
Francisco Wax
Gees, Mike -
can't you
stay out of
trouble for
Gnomad vs.
A shark swims above us in the
underwater walkway of the
San Francisco Aquarium.
I Know we've said
this before, but this
time I mean it - this
may actually be the
absolute best picture
we took on our entire
trip.  I mean, really.  
It's hard to go wrong
with Sumike vs.
After a few days unwinding in San Francisco,
we finally made the last short hop home to Pismo Beach.  

It was bittersweet; once you're that close to home, it's always nice to sleep in your own
bed, scritch your own dog and wear some clean clothes.  Especially if you're Mike.  
Me, on the other hand - I told Mike I was going to keep on going to Tierra del Fuego.  

He wished me Godspeed and said he would send me text messages with the weather
reports from his Official Command Post on the couch in front of the TV, as long as I
didn't expect updates before 11am.  

OK, I agreed to pass on Tierra del Fuego for now, but not for long.  
My goal was to ride to Inuvik before I turned 30.  
By the time I'm 40, I vow to have Tierra del Fuego securely under my belt.  

And between now and then... Who knows?  When adventure calls, I listen!  

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us through our trip
and shared in our adventure with us.  Creating this website is very time-consuming
and we just didn't have time or space for everything we would have liked to include.  
Like the huge Hell's Angels raid in Inuvik.  
Or when we had to backtrack a hundred miles because Mike left his wallet in Hyder.
Or standing up to a bully backwater cop trying to give us unearned citations.
Or precise details on the giant mutant hopping beaver.  
Thanks to everyone who has pumped us for information on these neglected tales,
and everyone who has emailed us with their own stories of adventure.  
Because of all of you, our journey will never really come to an end.
Don't worry, ladies and
gentlemen - he's a trained
professional.  He limped away
with only minor injuries.