Here's where the real fun begins!  We rode for nearly 18
hours on the first day of the Dempster.  It sounds
impressive, but with the road conditions we only
averaged about 25 mph (when we were moving).  It was
slow and tiring, but amazingly beautiful.  We must
have stopped for pictures about every 10 minutes!  (By
the way, that's not a painted center line in the picture
above; that's the tire ruts worn in the dirt road.)  
Klondike Lodge -
Kilometer 0 of the
Highway.  Little
did we know what
was in store for
Rear view Me-rror
(Get it?  Me-rror?  
That was Mike's idea)
Overlooking the Tombstone
Mountain Range
Did you ever
think the
Arctic would
be so lush?
We thought these were snow-covered
mountains when we saw them from a
distance, but they're not...
They are light
gray, nearly
white, perfectly
smooth stone
mounds.  Very
Valley View,
Takes One and
Ogilve Ridge Gwich'in
Territory Overlook
Are we there yet?
(Kilometer 3)
Hey, Look!  A taco cart!
Only 950
more miles
of dirt to go!