It was 7:30pm before we made it to the Arctic Circle, but since
it was still light we kept on riding.  Accommodations are
VERY limited up here, so when you decide to keep going that
usually means at least 4 hours to the next campground...
Did I mention
there are only two
gas stations on
the Dempster?  
Better plan
One of my
favorite pictures
from the trip.  A
fire was actively
burning near the
road during our
travels, and in
this section it
had burned one
half of the road
but not the other.
Milestone:  Arctic Circle!  
KM 405, 12 hours of riding
Milestone: Northwest Territories
KM 465, 13.5 hours of riding
You are getting veeery sleeeepy...
Our first ferry crossing
at the Peel River,
KM 539
Nature's cruel and beautiful joke - The
sun is not actually setting, it's just
hanging out at the tree line for a while.
The sun-not-set
on the Peel
River at nearly
Oooh, look! That must
be a sunset, right?
Not quite.  This is what it
looked like when we stopped
for the night (well after
midnight).  The mosquitoes
were so thick here that it
actually sounded like it was
raining all night as they
tried to get in the tent.  Note
Mike applying 100% DEET -
didn't even phase 'em.  It
was kinda like being in an
Alfred Hitchcock movie...
Nitainlaii Territorial Park
It may look well-groomed, but that is
actually about 8" deep of razor-sharp
shale.  Take my word for it, it does
not make the ol' tires happy...