OK, now before you accuse me of being presumptuous, let me explain:  

We had so much fun last year doing to AMA Made In The USA Grand Tour
that we decided to do one again this year.  When the list of tours came out,
there were two that we found especially intriguing.  The first one we picked
(which, upon reading the description, actually resulted in spontaneous dual
happy-dances and a series of high-fives right there in the post office)
involved visiting as many places as possible that are named in the
Johnny Cash song, "I've Been Everywhere".  

The second ride we picked would supply us only with a list of GPS coordinates,
and our goal was to locate and ride to these specific points around the country.  

The fact that we did not own a GPS at the time we signed up for these
did not deter us in the least.  Luckily, I had a Big Ol' Birthday the day before
we left for our trip, and everyone knows that Big Ol' Birthdays are
know classically as GPS Birthdays.  Or at least Mike and my parents
know that, because by the time we shoved off I had an awesome new
Garmin Zumo 550, complete with Bluetooth, MP3s, XM, NavTraffic,
Custom POIs, the works.  Thanks guys!  

We took two and a half weeks off for this trip, so in addition to the
two AMA contests, we also spent some time just seeing and doing stuff.  
You know, "stuff".  (For those of you who just came from the Arctic Circle page,
you may recall that at that time, Mike had only visited 5 states by motorcycle.  
This trip more than doubled his previous state count, so there was all kinds
of new "stuff" he had never seen before.)  

And we have a lot of stuff to share with you, so sit back, relax and enjoy -
I know we sure did!