Once the snow had melted a bit,
we moseyed the paltry 90 miles southwest
to Zion National Park.  

We continued to dance right along
the edge of the storm, and in some places
we could actually see it raining just off the
north side of the road but still
sunny on the south side.  

Luckily, though, the snow didn't follow us
and the worst of it stayed to the north.
See that little black hole just right
of the center of the picture above?  
That's a "window" which allows light
into the mile-long tunnel.  
(Yes, the tunnel runs right through the cliff.)  
You can see it better in the close-up on the right

What a thrill it was for Mike to see
Zion for the first time!  

The landscape across Utah is varied, and he had
enjoyed taking in the changing view on our ride so far.
But Zion is a world unto itself.  

For those of you who have never visited Zion
I don't want to spoil the whole experience,
but the entry into the park is very sudden and dramatic.  

My favorite national park is now his favorite
national park, and I highly recommend that
everyone wander through at least once.
I have photographic evidence!
The change in travel plans left us in a bit of
a scramble to re-route through enough locations
to complete the AMA contests.  

Instead of going north through Idaho,
we went south back into Arizona.  
(Remember, Idaho is a three-point state for us
where as Arizona is only a two-point state.)  

However...  There were a few bonus words that were
not actually location names in "I've Been Everywhere",
but were other words spoken in the song.  
Getting pictures of places including words such as
Bud, Sand, Pete's Sake, and Mountain Air, among others,
all count as three-point bonus pics
regardless of how far from home you are.  

So right about now is when things started to get creative...
All Right!  See what happens when you
start paying attention?  Bonus words
start coming out of the woodwork!  

Case in point:  "Sand" in Sand Hallow
State Park was only a few miles away
from where we stayed outside of Zion.  
We're not out of the game yet!
Washington (County), Utah
Dipping back into Arizona, we headed for a GPS point
that was right in the middle of Vermillion Cliffs.  
Easy enough, we figured, since the whole place is beautiful.  

Except once again, Zumo felt that the best way to get there
was by following a well-groomed dirt road for 26 miles
until we reached the first gnarly inaccessible
4x4 road it could possibly direct us down.  

We were getting a little bummed out with these bad GPS
coordinates, so we took a little break to simmer down and have
some water.  More on that stop on the next page...
IBE Point Cedar City, Utah